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Golf Club: Wasteland

After a nuclear catastrophe on Earth, the 1 % percent left to Mars and founded Tesla City. In their free time, the rich fly back to Earth and play golf in the rubble of civilization, taking advantage of fun terrains and - well, nostalgia for Earth’s gravity. Find out more at:


Children's Play
Children's Play
Children's Play poster

“Children’s play” is a satirical illustration of working conditions in factories, and aims to draw attention to the repetitive, unnatural, inhumane conditions in sweatshops. Also, the game makes fun of so-called scientific management, and questions the idea of rationalization in society. The most inhumane part of production has been hidden, far away in factories on locations that are rarely visited even by the press. This game shows the hidden source of our products. The products sit on shelves as if they have emerged out of thin air with the aura of “cuteness,” “coolness,” “trendiness,” etc.

All products are made by human hands from raw materials that come from the Earth. Consumers are often unaware of the source of products, as the whole production process is obscured by media and the consumer culture. Now when the discourse of human rights and the environment are in focus, we must closely look at the way we organize our economy.

In addition, the game depicts children to draw attention to the fact that there are 168 million children who are categorized by the International Labour Organization as child laborers, which is 11 percent of children between the ages of 5 and 17. The problem is global, which means the solutions must be reached through full international accord.

Game design: Igor Simić, Lead programmer: Ivan Stanković, Visuals: Manja Lekić, Animation: Nenad Krstić, Programmers: Miloš Milojević, Miloš Mihajlović, Music and Sound: Igor Bulović, Voice: Shane Berry.

The game is available for free download at Google Play.

Get it on Google Play Children's Play QR code
Crisis Expert
Crisis Expert
Crisis Expert screenshot

“In this time of economic crisis, we need experts to save us. Perhaps you are the one!”

“Crisis expert” offers a particular view of economic policy in order to instigate discussion about the common good. In the center of this game is the idea of our relation to the commons.

The player is in the role of a shopping cart, driving on an economics graph, and the aim is to avoid healthcare, education, the arts, social security, ecology, and labor unions in order to maximize profits. Minimalistic design, references to the economic crisis and the interactive experience characterize this odd political satire.

Game design: Igor Simić, Lead programmer and designer: Ivan Stanković, Programers: Miloš Milojević, Miloš Mihajlović, Sound and Music: Dušan Simitch

The game is available for free download at Google Play.

Get it on Google Play Crisis Expert QR code


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