I really wanted to do a kind of 360° entertainment.
— Stromae

Art is a game between all people of all periods.
— Marcel Duchamp

We create digital content for a generation that will live to witness the end times.


Our approach to original IP entails: A. a sharp idea about modern life; B. storytelling with engaging characters; C. world-building; D. stories told through nonlinear media with focus on gaming. We call this approach Constellation Storytelling.

Constellations of narratives and media allow for crosspolination between media in a genuine way. Beyond award-winning games, we create animated videos, music and aim to develop films and series.


We started as a team of four in 2012 with small experimental mobile games. In 2017 we gathered a bigger team of seven and made Golf Club: Wasteland. Early in 2021, we began working with two publishers on The Cub and Highwater within the same universe. The studio now has twenty people.


We give talks, lectures and workshops, such as our Unite LA talk on Transmedia Storytelling or this talk in Belgrade. You can also read this Unity article about us: Edgy and irreverent creators.


The creative director and CEO is Igor Simić, the art director is Stepko, and the audio director is Shane Berry. The team consists of in-house artists, animators and developers with an extensive list of external music collaborators.


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