I hope for nothing. I fear nothing. I am free.
— Nikos Kazantzakis

Art is a game between all people of all periods.
— Marcel Duchamp

We are a boutique studio that creates digital content for a generation that will live to witness the end times.


Our approach to original projects and work with clients entails: A. a sharp idea about modern life; B. storytelling with engaging characters; C. world-building; D. stories told through nonlinear media. We call the weaving of these elements into a sprawling network: Constellation Storytelling.

Constellations allow for a multifaceted, multi-narrative approach from the personal to the scientific, from high to low, from the anecdotal to the epochal, illuminating interdependences in nature and spaces between ideas in order to aim at a kaleidoscopic view. Placing the viewer inside, like in a game, points toward a new horizon in media, beyond passive decoding of reality to an active, interpersonal and intertextual, creative, even an active role.


We give presentations, such as our Unite LA talk on Transmedia Storytelling. You can also read this Unity article about us: Edgy and irreverent creators.


The creative director and CEO is Igor Simić, the art director is Stepko, and the audio director is Shane Berry. The team consists of in-house artists, animators and Unity developers. We have a considerable list of collaborators for larger projects.


Get in touch:
contact [at] demagogstudio [dot] com

For issues with our apps:
support [at] demagogstudio [dot] com

We’re currently not hiring, but you can still send  CVs to:
milos [at] demagogstudio [dot] com

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