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Demagog Studio is a multimedia studio, led by the award-winning filmmaker and contemporary artist Igor Simic.          
The studio is comprised of seven globetrotting creatives and numerous outside collaborators. Informally, the studio started working in 2012.

With the aim to launch Golf Club: Wasteland and Radio Nostalgia from Mars, Demagog Studio became a company in 2017, based in Belgrade, Serbia.           We work on our own projects, but we’re open to collaborate on film, concept art, sound, music, and educational programs.
Our personal backgrounds are in the New York film and art scene, Eastern European architecture, the techno clubs of Tokyo, and Serbian farming. This is the background for our worldbuidling.

For concept art and illustration, check out Nikola Stepković, for sound and music check out Shane Berry.

The director of photography and colorist, Nemanja Jovanov, is also a sailing skipper.          
Belgrade is one of the best coffee cities in the world.

Demagog Studio