Demagog Studio creates content for video games, animated videos and music. 

Previous Project
We made the award-winning, Apple-featured game Golf Club: Wasteland, along with the original soundtrack Radio Nostalgia from Mars and three animated videos. The Wasteland IP is growing with new games and an animated series in development.

New Project
Announcement coming soon!

Our approach to original projects and work with clients entails: A. a sharp idea; B. storytelling with engaging characters; C. robust world-building; D. stories told through nonlinear media.

We give presentations, such as our Unite LA talk on Transmedia Storytelling. You can also read this Unity article about us: Edgy and irreverent creators.

The creative director and CEO is Igor Simić, the art director is Stepko, and the audio director is Shane Berry.

Antisocial media:
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