We are an award-winning creative studio that specializes in transmedia content. We create story-driven films, games, interactive installations, music, sound, and design. The company was founded in late 2017, based in Belgrade and New York.

The process:
- We develop IP: a unique world based on an intriguiung premise, populated with characters.

- We write storylines that take place in this fictional world.
- The IP comes to life through our artworks, sound, music, and design.
- A thorough art guide provides a framework for content (film, games, music) based on this IP.
- We are closely involved in creative and art direction throughout the production process to make sure that all content ends up being connected, engaging and meaningful across different media.

We also deliver lectures and talks, such as our Unite LA talk on Transmedia Storytelling. You can read this Unity article about us: Edgy and irreverent creators.

To learn more about our Creative director, Art director and Audio director click on their names: Igor Simic, Stepko and Shane Berry.